Japan By Dennis Enarson

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Demolition put this rad photo gallery up a bit ago from Dennis Enarson on their last trip to Japan. Click here to check it out>>

New 2014 Summer Tees

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We just got in the new Demolition & Volume summer 2014 tees!! They’re all on our new slim, soft fabric and are available now on the site.  Be sure to check out volumebikes.com and demolitionparts.com for the flipbooks with the team guys rockin’ the tees.

Volume’s Watch The Finer Things Trailer

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Volume bikes’ The Finer Things trailer just dropped and it looks like it’s going to be a f-n insane video.  The trailer got us all hyped and couldn’t be more stoked to see the actual DVD now.  It’s been in the works for awhile and Mastroni has been putting in a ton of effort on… Read more »

New Vessel Build

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Whenever we get samples, we always have them all over our office and like many brands we can’t wait to build up a “sample bike” with all our new goods to show off. Above is the new Broc Raiford Vessel frame built up with some brand spankin’ new Volume/ Demolition bits here and there. Click… Read more »

Volume’s The Finer Things On Vital

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Instead of writing my own version of what the new Volume bikes DVD is all about, I figured I’d copy and paste what Mastroni said about the new DVD since he’s making it and organizing it all. Click the top image to go to the video>> “Well the word is out!! We’ve been steady working… Read more »

Dennis Enarson’s F-N Rig Line Video

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Right when you thought you’ve seen it all by Dennis, he comes through with this epic 6 minute part for his Demolition Rig line of parts.  Not too many guys in BMX can pull off riding everything and ride it as good as D.  While you’re at it, check out the Rig bars in the… Read more »

The Hoss’ Barista Promo

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The Hoss and Mastroni have been busy working on the Volume DVD like crazy and have been sitting on some clips to make this Barista bar promo possible.  The Barista is Drew’s ultimate creation of the perfect bends that makes him the original that you see in everything he’s in.  If you or your customers… Read more »

Broc’s Vessel Promo

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There’s only so many edits that gets me psyched to ride, especially promo edits but this one that Broc and Mastroni put together is on some next level shit.  And this is Broc’s scraps too!  Watch now and then buy a Vessel frame… or two.

Chris Doyle’s Maiden Fork Promo

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Another bangin’ promo for our big March release.  Surprisingly enough, the filming of this edit was cut short due to Chris hitting his head while filming this.  Regardless, Mastroni knew we had enough to put something amazing together still.  The new Maiden fork is as tough as the man himself.  Similar to his last Concord… Read more »

March Shipments Arriving!

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March is set to be one of the biggest months ever here at 180! The Spring Collections from both Volume and Demolition will be arriving this month and this will be the largest amount of new product arriving at 180 within 1 month, ever. See a full list of the new items arrive after the… Read more »