• 25 Apr
What I Ride - Broc Raiford

RideBMX just posted a new “What I Ride” bike check with Volume’s Pro Broc Raiford. He just built up a completely new set up and it looks so good. I never thought I’d like the look of gloss black again the BMX Industry’s switch to flat years ago, but dang this looks fresh. Here’s what RideBMX had to say, and check out his Pro Part from last week full of ridiculous clips….

Following up the heavy-hitting Pro Part that Broc Raiford dropped last week he decided it was time to put his old vessel to rest and built-up a fresh bike. Besides being glossy black, this bike is a carbon copy of what Broc rode while filming his Pro Part. Here’s your chance to see everything Broc rides, including his signature Volume Vessel frame, Anchor fork, Captain bars, Odyssey Raft stem, signature Odyssey grips, and more…