• 12 Aug

 behind-2015-machete-tire We just got in our all new Demolition Machete tires in stock!  You might be asking yourself what’s so different with them? We moved manufacturers with our mold for an all new and improved tire.  And since we moved manufacturers we decided to make it into a 2.4 as well.
New Machete specs include:
– Select Ultra is our all new dual density compound that is 20% stronger, and more durable over a longer period of time to prevent rubber hardness or cracks.
– Stronger nylon cord plies to form the body of the tire
– New 4 cord wire bead steel cables to create a stronger backbone of the tire.  Click more to see/ read more.

behind-2015-machete-tire3Rubber comparisons between our competitors and our new and improved rubber compound over the same period of time.behind-2015-machete-tire2

What makes up the new Machete tire… New rubber compound, stronger nylon cord plies, and 4 cord steel cord cable beads.

Contact your local Demolition dealer for more info.