• 27 Jan

With all the talk about Demolition now offering their Revolt and Rig cranks with a lifetime warranty on the arms and spindles, it reminds me of all the crazy shit that’s gone down on both sets of cranks (and the lack of any problems). The entire Demolition team filmed the entire Demolition “Last Chance” video on Revolts. Dennis Enarson’s ender section above which won the RIDEbmx 2011 NORA Cup is included. A couple years after that we came out with his sig. Rig 24mm cranks for those of you who like a options and thicker arms for comfort. Whether you choose to ride the Rigs or Revolts, let’s just say you’ll be set, and can feel comfortable with your cranks. You can check out the Revolts here>> and the Rigs here>>.