Friday Slide-Day

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We’re stocked up on the Dumbchuck V3 plastic pegs from Demolition. Demolition has been the front runner in plastic pegs since the early 2000’s with their early bulky Numbchuck plastic pegs. They’ve gone through quite the change since then with these version threes. They’re slimmed down to a normal peg size and way more durable…. Read more »

Full Interbike 2014 Video Coverage

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Interbike 2014 is officially a wrap, so we’ve got all the video coverage for Volume & Demolition from RideBMX and Vitalbmx right here in one spot for easy access. There’s breakdowns of all the products we’ve been busting our humps on this past year, and even a sneak peak or two on products that we’re… Read more »

Cop(per) These Before They’re Gone

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The container has pulled away, foreign dust has settled, and the sweat o’ me brow has dried which means one thing….New BMX Goods from Volume & Demolition!!! We are so excited to finally get in some of the new items we’ve been working so feverishly on for the past year and more. Items like Dennis… Read more »

Never Tired of Tires….New Machetes!

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  We just got in our all new Demolition Machete tires in stock!  You might be asking yourself what’s so different with them? We moved manufacturers with our mold for an all new and improved tire.  And since we moved manufacturers we decided to make it into a 2.4 as well. New Machete specs include: –… Read more »

26″ Nomad’s In Stock

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Resist parts 26″ gum and black walled tires are finally back in stock and you guys can now purchase them here >>

Brace Yourselves….

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….Aaron Smith’s Brace stems are re-stocked for your end of Summer and BTS shenanigans. These Demolition stems come in 50mm and 53mm reach. Hit up your local shop or favorite mailorder to get one while we have them in stock.

New 2014 Summer Tees

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We just got in the new Demolition & Volume summer 2014 tees!! They’re all on our new slim, soft fabric and are available now on the site.  Be sure to check out and for the flipbooks with the team guys rockin’ the tees.

Staple Stems Back In Stock

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We just got a shipment of our Volume Bikes Staple Stems back in stock. The Staple stem is the same aftermarket stem that comes on the Volume Complete Bikes line-up and is available separately making it a great affordable aftermarket stem. Available in Black and Silver.

Sneak Peek: Sample Volume Grips

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We just got samples of the new Volume Bikes grips that we’ve had in the works. We are so stoked on how these came out with the chevron design. We wanted something similar to the classic mushroom design that has been such a comfortable staple in BMX for so long, similar to our sister brand… Read more »