Finer Things Seats In

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We were finally able to squeeze our container through the Union strikes at the harbor and get a restock of parts (Momentums, Markit V2 Pivotals, Rotator Hubs, etc.), as well as the anticipated Finer Things pivotal seats. They’re a fat cap style seat with the trippy Kaleidoscope video pattern and embroidered Finer Things logo. Tripods… Read more »

B2B Live W/Free Shipping – Limited Time

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Yes, the site is live and ready for orders on all of your Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts, and Resist Parts needs. To promote the new dealer B2B site, we’re offering Free Shipping on all orders placed from now until 1/31/2015. We’re still weeding out some small bugs, but we’re not gonna let that hold us… Read more »

2015 Catalogs

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Along with new products trickling in, we just got our 2015 Spring Poster-logs in stock and they’re so clean, so we’ve released them online as well. I nerd out on these every time. The rider photos are always awesome, and all bias aside, they make me want every product posted. Here’s the Volume Products, and… Read more »

The Force Is Here

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After many delays and dock union strikes we’ve finally gotten our container with all of the new goods. Volume Vader Tires, Broc Raiford Vessel Black/White Splatter Frames, DeMarcus Paul Flat Green Bermuda V2s, Trans Gold & Trans Blue Bermuda V2s, Jason Enns Cerberus Evergreen & Black Frames, and much more re-stock of Demolition & Volume… Read more »

Custom Completes

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At 180 Dist we not only offer a wide range of frames, forks, parts, and completes for anything and everything BMX, but we also offer Volume and Demolition Custom Complete bike build packages at a discount to all of our 180 Dist dealers. Fullerton Bicycles in California has been offering our Custom Completes for years… Read more »

Friday Slide-Day

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We’re stocked up on the Dumbchuck V3 plastic pegs from Demolition. Demolition has been the front runner in plastic pegs since the early 2000’s with their early bulky Numbchuck plastic pegs. They’ve gone through quite the change since then with these version threes. They’re slimmed down to a normal peg size and way more durable…. Read more »

Full Interbike 2014 Video Coverage

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Interbike 2014 is officially a wrap, so we’ve got all the video coverage for Volume & Demolition from RideBMX and Vitalbmx right here in one spot for easy access. There’s breakdowns of all the products we’ve been busting our humps on this past year, and even a sneak peak or two on products that we’re… Read more »

Cop(per) These Before They’re Gone

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The container has pulled away, foreign dust has settled, and the sweat o’ me brow has dried which means one thing….New BMX Goods from Volume & Demolition!!! We are so excited to finally get in some of the new items we’ve been working so feverishly on for the past year and more. Items like Dennis… Read more »

Never Tired of Tires….New Machetes!

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  We just got in our all new Demolition Machete tires in stock!  You might be asking yourself what’s so different with them? We moved manufacturers with our mold for an all new and improved tire.  And since we moved manufacturers we decided to make it into a 2.4 as well. New Machete specs include: –… Read more »