Have A Seat With Broc Raiford

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Broc sits down and talks about the ideas, desires, and necessities he had when designing his new Volume Nautical seat. There are some ridiculous riding clips mixed in too (that hanger!) so be sure to watch this. Film/Edit by Mike Mastroni. Check out Broc’s whole line here SEAT / FRAME / BAR / FORK

Completes Contest

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For all of October and November, we’ll be entering each shop that orders through 180 Dist into a drawing to win one or both of a Volume Bikes Infantry 20″ and Hessian 26″ complete bike. Each order equals one entry. So the more orders, the chances to win one or even both of the bikes…. Read more »

DeMarcus Paul Vital Video

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Mastroni at Volume said it best “DeMarcus teamed up with Doeby and decided to bang you over the head with this video piece for Vital.” This is ridiculous. As if you didn’t already know, DeMarcus is no joke. Watch this and keep your eyes peeled for DeMarcus’s WELL DESERVED signature Volume War Horse line dropping… Read more »

Billy Perry Bike Check

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Billy Perry has been making waves lately for Volume and rightfully so. The kid is good, and a positive personality to boot. Volume just whipped up a bike check with him on their recent New York trip. Go Here>> for the bike check, and be sure to check out Billy’s clean Follow The Leader enterprise… Read more »

J. Clem & E. Bahl: The Finer Things

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Volume just dropped the Josh Clemens and Eric Bahlman split section from “The Finer Things” DVD full of smooth backwards and forwards technical wizardry. These guys produced a great progressive and stylish section. Hit play.

Daniel T-Nez: The Finer Things

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Volume‘s succession of dropping “The Finer Things” DVD continues. Next up is Daniel “Lil D” Martinez. Daniel is highly under-rated, and ridiculous technical. Hit play…Then watch his section from Demolition‘s “Last Chance.” Also, really good.

NY Volume Shop Stops

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It goes without saying that we don’t get out to the east coast, especially New York, as much as we’d like to. The good ol’ airlines tend like their rates high, especially with a bike bag. Well, we’ll finally be out in New York in the next week and we’re stopping by a couple of… Read more »

So Fresh & So Clean Clean

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Surprise, Limited Mint Chip! We just got in a new Volume Bermuda V2 limited frame color way and we love it! We got this paint sample not long ago and thought the Bermuda V2 frame was “mint” for it after all the previous crazy color incarnations, so we got them made as fast as possible…. Read more »

Alex Platt: The Finer Things

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This is definitely one of my favorite parts of Volume‘s “The Finer Things.” Alex Platt went all in when filming his section. It’s ridiculous! So many balls to the wall moves. Check it.

Mix Section: The Finer Things

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Volume just put up “The Finer Things” mix section from the video. It’s got clips from some awesome names: Brian Castillo finally has more footage, Billy Perry, nose master Cody Clark, Elf, Jeff Z, Rob Dolecki, Jake Seeley, Biz, Rob Wise, and many more. Check it out!