Keith “The Mad Man” Treanor

For those that don’t know too much about Keith, he has a long history in the core BMX scene in the mid nineties as a top pro rider. Only a few riders back then were raw and “carefree”, and Keith was right there with the best of em, pushing his way forward in the pro ranks with the best in the business.
His hyper personality off his bike showed with his riding.  His bouncing off the wall attitude, and going full throttle at everything he touched definitely showed every time he rode. Call it aggression or just how he rode, it was his style that he made his own that stood out amongst other riders at the time.
As an older established rider now, Keith moved towards working in the industry for a couple brands, and his straight forward attitude and integrity is something refreshing to everyone he deals with and is now known for within the industry.
Keith still rides today, and tries to catch a session at the park or at his local vert ramp as often as he can.

Instagram: @treanor71