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Kevin is one of the last pioneers that say’s “Y’all” and holds true to his southern ways by his demeanor and trustworthy attitude.  He also came to us as a core rider that loves to ride fast and go high/far.  This photo above holds a classic story of Kevin’s first time at the now defunct Etnies private training facility.  Kevin’s dream was to ride there, and when he finally got the chance he was like a madman riding like it was his last.  He was pedaling full speed at everything and wouldn’t stop.  This went on for about an hour till John Povah (Etnies TM) looked at me and said, “who’s this guy again, he’s like my 8 year old after drinking a Red Bull.”  Kevin is also a friendly guy that loves to talk Soccer, babes, bikes and more babes, and most likely is the guy that will say hello and talk to you for an hour about… you guessed it, babes.

Photo by Brian Castillo, 2011

Instagram: @kevin_rust