• 21 May

Volume & Demolition want to welcome Matej Zan as a distributor rider through Evolution BMX. We just got on board with Evolution BMX to be our official distributor in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. There has been some awesome riding coming out of Europe lately and Evolution is doing some big things out there, currently working on revamping their website, and they are great people to work with. They picked up Matej as their first Volume & Demolition distributor rider and we are stoked on him. He’s a clean, smooth, and tech freecoaster rider. Check out his brand new bike check and some smooth lines towards the end. I can’t tell you how stoked I am on this video. I love the Mogwai soundtrack, Matej’s smooth lines, and the vibe of the whole thing….If you’re in the any of these countries looking for Demolition and Volume products, then hit up Evolution or have your local shop hit them up for parts.

  • 19 May

It doesn’t matter how old you get, but the feeling of a fresh, crisp BMX poster never gets old. Great photography you can see and handle. The only problem is that the older you get, the harder it is to keep it off your wall. Volume just dropped three new posters of Broc, DeMarcus, and Mastroni from their “Finer Things” sections. We always try to throw in posters and stickers with every order, but if you want some extras on top of the freebies then they’re available in the B2B right now. We also do only single runs of posters, so once these are gone, they’re gone!

  • 12 May

We may not have drones for shipping, but we do have shipping discounts. If you haven’t heard or seen the emails, we just updated our shipping incentive and gotten it incorporated into the 180 site. Instead of kicking in at $500 like before, now it’s just $300. Perfect for stocking up on the basic grips, tires, seats, and bars. So, for all your orders that are $300 and above, just enter the code “ship7” as you’re checking out, and you’ll get 7% off. It’s that easy. It’s the same incentive you get with your reps, just now easier than ever.

  • 06 May

RIDEbmx just dropped their “Company Property” edition from the 180 Dist. ramps (RIP). It’s an awesome concept where they take the same group of riders around to all the different BMX companies with ramps in the SoCal area to see what they come up with. Some of the riders are from 180 Dist companies Volume & Demolition, and some aren’t, so it’s a nice mix with some good bangers. We’ve moved and this edition of the ramps isn’t around, but don’t worry. They’ll be back with a whole new setup.
  • 05 May

Demolition just dropped their new Axes grips a couple weeks ago and they feel great. There are a ton of grip options for you on the markets these days and everyone is looking to improve upon the ODI’s and Edwins of our day. I know I’m biased, but I am stoked on this grip. Stay with me on this, now. Having felt them myself, and had off-the-record conversations with riders who’ve ridden them, I feel confident in these grips. After testing several rubbers, we found a great compound to improve upon the durability that soft grips a few years ago couldn’t hold while keeping the cushy, broken-in feeling they did have. I also really like the horizontal and other lateral lines these and the Volume VLM grips have that previous ones didn’t have. I love mushroom style grips myself, but I’ve always felt the standard mushroom vertical lines lack in preventing sweat from causing hands to have front-to-back throttle grip. The Axes grips prevent that much more. Give these a shot and message us to let us know what you think. Check em out here>>…….Plus, you don’t have to do a “double pits to chesty” to ride these (unlike another Axe).

  • 02 May

Get ready for some heavy moves at our old 180 Distribution warehouse…
“Company Property is 11 riders of 3 camps, all sessioning the familiar yet under-utilized company ramp setups at Tip Plus, Full Factory, and 180 Distribution. Sean Ricany, Stevie Churchill, & Caleb Quanbeck for Tip, Demarcus Paul, Connor Lodes, Mike Gray, & Josh Clemens for 180 (we had some injuries and sub-ins), and Broc Raiford, Gary Young, & Travis Hughes for Full Factory. This shit is going to be heavy… Full edits dropping next week.” RIDEbmx
  • 01 May

WARNING: Self-Answered Questions….Do you own or run a local shop that you want to get tapped into your BMX scene and get those riders into your shop, but not know the first thing about BMX or even have the time to think about it with all the other brands/genres of bikes your shop deals with? We would love to help, and that’s honestly what we enjoy. One thing we pride ourselves in as a BMX distributor is the fact that our staff not only designs, sells, markets, and serves the BMX community, but we also ride. Every one of our sales staff, design team, shipping/receiving team, and customer service team are all riders, and we’re from all over the country, as well as overseas. Our love of BMX is far-reaching. BMX marketing has changed over the last 10 years and we understand it’s hard to keep up with and even easy to get jaded with. We would love to help your shop tap into your local scene, answer your questions, or help you try and build a local scene to help your customers, your sales, and prime your future customers. If you have any questions, please give us a call, shoot us an email, send us a homing pigeon or whatever. We love this stuff. And if our brand doesn’t have what you’re looking for at that time, then I’m sure we’d be able to point you to one that might….About the photo: This is a custom build we helped a local shop put together for display/sell as another way to help them with their local scene.

  • 29 Apr
stems marble copy

We’ve got all the Demolition stems in the new Marble colorway and they look so rad. Aaron Smith’s Brace (both 50mm & 53mm), Kris Fox’s Stylus, and Connor Lodes’ Top Lodes stems are all back in stock in all colors along with our 2015 Marble colorway. When we first saw this color we knew we had to drop it in the aluminum parts, and here they are! If you’re a shop yet to pick them up, or want to become a dealer then contact us <<here>>….If you’re a customer, then hit up your local Demolition Parts dealer or favorite mail-order.