• 01 May

WARNING: Self-Answered Questions….Do you own or run a local shop that you want to get tapped into your BMX scene and get those riders into your shop, but not know the first thing about BMX or even have the time to think about it with all the other brands/genres of bikes your shop deals with? We would love to help, and that’s honestly what we enjoy. One thing we pride ourselves in as a BMX distributor is the fact that our staff not only designs, sells, markets, and serves the BMX community, but we also ride. Every one of our sales staff, design team, shipping/receiving team, and customer service team are all riders, and we’re from all over the country, as well as overseas. Our love of BMX is far-reaching. BMX marketing has changed over the last 10 years and we understand it’s hard to keep up with and even easy to get jaded with. We would love to help your shop tap into your local scene, answer your questions, or help you try and build a local scene to help your customers, your sales, and prime your future customers. If you have any questions, please give us a call, shoot us an email, send us a homing pigeon or whatever. We love this stuff. And if our brand doesn’t have what you’re looking for at that time, then I’m sure we’d be able to point you to one that might….About the photo: This is a custom build we helped a local shop put together for display/sell as another way to help them with their local scene.

  • 29 Apr
stems marble copy

We’ve got all the Demolition stems in the new Marble colorway and they look so rad. Aaron Smith’s Brace (both 50mm & 53mm), Kris Fox’s Stylus, and Connor Lodes’ Top Lodes stems are all back in stock in all colors along with our 2015 Marble colorway. When we first saw this color we knew we had to drop it in the aluminum parts, and here they are! If you’re a shop yet to pick them up, or want to become a dealer then contact us <<here>>….If you’re a customer, then hit up your local Demolition Parts dealer or favorite mail-order.

  • 24 Apr

Just saw this photo on the Demolition site and had to share it. I love Hucker’s new Hawaiian colorway for seats and pocket shirts, and the new Marble colorway for all the aluminum Demolition parts. I know I’m biased, so grab the grain salt, but I think they look so good. And I never even thought of keeping my sprockets or hubs stored in the functional pocket. I was thinking money, or even lots of pens, but obviously I was thinking too limited.

  • 16 Apr

They’re Here! Our Spring drop of new Demolition and Volume goods have shown up. After a gauntlet of union dockworker strikes, storms, open oceans, and ISIS, we’ve finally got our new Spring items. We’re so stoked (relieved) and based on the amount of calls and social media we’ve gotten, we know you are too. We’ve now got all the Marble parts, Axes grips, Bi Polar pegs, Hucker’s highly anticipated seat, Rotator wheels, 2.40 Machetes, VLM top load CNC stems, Finer Things Tripods, and Broc’s brand new 9.25 Captain bars. Also, check out Rob Wise with his street voodoo in this Demolition ad!

  • 09 Apr

Demolition just dropped Chris and Aaron’s winter edit filmed by Lee Hopkins, and it’s a good one. With these two you know it’s just effortless style throughout, big gaps, and big tricks. The writeup that Doyle gave on the Demolition site for the edit is pretty interesting, as well, to hear all that went into to filming something you think would be pretty easy and quick. But, winter in the northeast was absolutely brutal this year. “Snow” is a fighting word there at this moment. Having grown up on the east coast myself; thank God for indoor skate parks like Rye and Wheel Mill. They’re life-savers. “…always remember to support your local indoor parks!” -C. Doyle

  • 08 Apr

Land Ho! Volume Broc Raiford “Captain” bars in 9.25″ are almost landed. We’re a little less than a week away from seeing Broc’s highly demanded bar in stock. We’ll have it in the three colors above (Flat Black, Black/White Splatter, and Chrome). Broc has been killing it lately (#WatchTheFinerThings) with Simple Session to come in the next couple weeks too, so you’ll get to see what he comes up with there while on his Vessel frame, Anchor forks (still to come), and these bad boys. Hit up your local shop or mail order and sail away with of set of these. Check out his new tee while you’re at it, too.

  • 03 Apr

RideBMX’s Dane Wild did a nice review of the Bi Polar peg earlier this week, and a little history of plastic pegs under Demolition. Dane knows his history and had some really good things to say about the Bi Polar, including an in-depth Tyler Fernengel quote. And if you know the guys at Albe’s, then you know they don’t pull any punches. We obviously love our products and are biased, so we’re always stoked and honored when customers and industry insiders have love for em too. After all, you’re the one’s that matter….Now that the unions aren’t on strike, we’ll have the Bi Polar pegs in a couple of weeks. Check out the review <HERE>, including the 3 options they’ll be offered in.

  • 01 Apr
2016 tees

Our new Spring/Summer 2016 tees just arrived for Volume and Demolition. They’re as soft as ever and we’ve added a couple nice touches to them like accent tape on the insides of some of the tees, and small patch labels on the sleeves (Demolition) and bottoms (Volume)…Clockwise L-R, Demo: Helmet Head, MFG Circle Pkt, Motorhead, and Stencil. Volume: VLM Circle Pkt, Broc Nautical Wht, Volume V, Broc Nautical Blk. They’re available at local Demolition and Volume dealers, your favorite mail orders, and the Volume/Demolition webstores. (We also re-stocked on the Volume Finer Things tees).

  • 26 Mar

You may have noticed a banner change or two, and that’s because we’re getting ready for a shipment of fresh Demolition and Volume goodies coming in the next couple weeks. We’ve been awaiting this container for a bit. Delays, port strikes, and warehouse moves can’t keep us down. In mid-April we’re looking at getting the new Demolition Axes grips, Marble aluminum parts, Bi Polar pegs, and the Volume Broc Raiford 9.25 Captain bars. Being in the industry, we can tend to take being in a warehouse full of BMX parts for granted, but we always always always get stoked seeing the new stuff finally make it in. And this shipment is packed full of freshies. Shops are taking pre-orders and based on the response this stuff might go fast, so get your’s in A$AP.

  • 25 Mar

backyard bikes
After 5 years being at our current location on Milroy, we decided to make a new move on over to Anaheim. While one would think we’re moving closer to Disneyland and an array of strip clubs Anaheim has to offer, we decided it was time to get out of dodge for a number of reasons; We originally moved into our freshly renovated 12k sq ft warehouse for a new shoe brand (Hour) and an adult line of bikes (Resist), on top of Volume and Demolition. The shoes and adult bikes took on a life of their own and later lay to rest with broken dreams. On top of that our “haunted” building was full of problems that we could have swam in every year after a good SoCal rain. We now welcome Anacrime as our new home at 2760 E Regal Park Dr, Anaheim CA 92806 and with a new toll free number (877.488.1369). ┬áRamps, products and everything else just made the move to the happiest city on earth…