• 16 Feb

It’s the day after and we’re all having a surreal BMX hangover of ridiculous moves unleashed on our eyeballs from last night’s VolumeThe Finer Things” premiere at Lido Live in Newport Beach, CA. And while there’s a bunch of people who’ve already seen the video and how unbelievable it is, there are a ton of you who haven’t. Videos (seats & shirts) are shipping just on the other side of the wall behind me, and there are a bunch of premieres at local shops all over the USA (and overseas) coming up, and a lot more in the works. If you’ve got a shop and are interested in doing a premiere, hit us up (562-926-5828 Kevin or Brian in Sales)! We’re trying to get to everyone, but we don’t want to miss anyone. If you’re looking to see if there’s one coming up close to you that you can attend, then hit the jump for a list of the premieres already confirmed, with more info to come. Read more »

  • 05 Feb

Demolition just dropped three new posters of Tyler Fernengel (above), Mike “Hucker” Clark, and Dennis Enarson. Growing up I had posters all over my room, including the required Michael Jordan poster, and a signed Dave Mirra poster (which I still have). Posters tucked in RideBMX were like mysterious gold; “Who’s it gonna be? What’s the trick? Which wall am I gonna put this on? Will my parents get mad if I put it on the ceiling?” Thus the struggle every month. But, while posters (and sometimes the photography/trick quality in posters) have gone by the wayside these days with everything going digital, Demolition is keeping posters alive with these. They’ve been doing posters for years and always tried to put in a good amount of effort into them. But, with these they amped up the level building jumps, desert treks, and explosions. Head over to Demolition to pick your’s up, or login to pick them up for your shop if you’re a dealer. Click “more” for Hucker’s and Dennis’s posters…..

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  • 30 Jan

Since parting ways with Redline at the end of last year, our good friend, and Demolition Parts’ rider and resident Golden Locks, Ronnie Napolitan found his way onto a Volume frame. We just couldn’t let our man Ronnie go frame-less, so we got him onto a sample 21.25 Volume frame. Vital caught up with him and posted a bike check stocked with a ton of Demolition parts like his signature Combat bars, and a couple samples here and there. Ronnie’s always got a clean set up and this one is no exception. If you’re wondering what the single front peg is for, it’s for all the steamrollers Ronnie does…..Also, I’m glad it doesn’t snow here.

  • 29 Jan

Volume just dropped a nice bike check with street magician Drew Hosselton. Hit the link to see what Volume and Demolition parts he’s running, his signature Bermuda V2 frame, how he likes his setup, and a sneak peek at a couple of sample parts. The trans blue Bermuda looks better and better every time I see it. Especially with those tan wall Demolition tires.

  • 28 Jan
markit v2 pivotal

After being out for what seems like forever, we finally got the Dennis Enarson signature Demolition Parts Markit V2 pivotal seats back in stock. You probably already know this, but they’re a fat seat with denim top, and are available in Pivotal (shown above) or Tripod Black/White and Black/Red. They’re definitely one of the most popular seats on the Markit, I mean market, right now with Dennis being such a phenomenal rider and down-to-earth dude……And, don’t forget that Saturday is the last day for getting free shipping on 180dist.com orders with the B2B2FreeShip coupon.

  • 21 Jan
finer things piv box2

We were finally able to squeeze our container through the Union strikes at the harbor and get a restock of parts (Momentums, Markit V2 Pivotals, Rotator Hubs, etc.), as well as the anticipated Finer Things pivotal seats. They’re a fat cap style seat with the trippy Kaleidoscope video pattern and embroidered Finer Things logo. Tripods will be in later, but we’ve got the pivotals ready to roll. And keep getting stoked for the Finer Things dvd to drop next month.

  • 15 Jan
site live coupon

Yes, the site is live and ready for orders on all of your Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts, and Resist Parts needs. To promote the new dealer B2B site, we’re offering Free Shipping on all orders placed from now until 1/31/2015. We’re still weeding out some small bugs, but we’re not gonna let that hold us back. If you find anything, let us know and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. If you don’t have an account then hit up Brian or Kevin for set up, or submit a dealer application to become a dealer.

  • 14 Jan

Along with new products trickling in, we just got our 2015 Spring Poster-logs in stock and they’re so clean, so we’ve released them online as well. I nerd out on these every time. The rider photos are always awesome, and all bias aside, they make me want every product posted. Here’s the Volume Products, and the Demolition Products are after the jump. Login and start carting on the new goods. Especially with B2B shipping special we have going (hint: B2B2FreeShip). If you don’t have an account, then hit up our contact page, call us at 562-926-5828, or fill out a dealer app.

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  • 12 Dec
bermuda v2

We just got all of our brand new Volume Bikes’ Bermuda V2 frames in and even though we’ve already taken photos of them, we just had to take more. It’s like Christmas every time these containers come in. So many colors to choose from. If you need a new frame for the shop or a yourself, hit us up (562-926-5828). Top to Bottom: DeMarcus Paul Flat Green, Flat Black, Alex Raban Trans Gold, Drew Hosselton Trans Blue.