• 12 Aug

 behind-2015-machete-tire We just got in our all new Demolition Machete tires in stock!  You might be asking yourself what’s so different with them? We moved manufacturers with our mold for an all new and improved tire.  And since we moved manufacturers we decided to make it into a 2.4 as well.
New Machete specs include:
– Select Ultra is our all new dual density compound that is 20% stronger, and more durable over a longer period of time to prevent rubber hardness or cracks.
– Stronger nylon cord plies to form the body of the tire
– New 4 cord wire bead steel cables to create a stronger backbone of the tire.  Click more to see/ read more.

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  • 07 Jul

Last month both our Volume and Demolition brands teamed up with our awesome and very welcoming Japanese distributor, Motocross International, and made the trek to the heart of Japan for all things sushi, ramen and BMX. For Demolition we had TM Joey Cobbs, Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Connor Lodes, and Kris Frox; for Volume we had TM Mike Mastroni, Broc Raiford, and Alex Raban; and for us at 180 Dist we had Warehouse Guru and Sushi expert Koichi Shono (insta: @elcosho). It was great to have guys that don’t usually get to travel together due to different sponsors all get together and have a rad opportunity to ride, explore, and visit great BMX shops in Japan that keep their scenes going. It was also awesome for the guys to meet our Japanese shredder Akira Sakata and check out his shop, “Cave” in Yokosuka. Needless to say the trip was amazing and a total blast was had while out there, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to team back up with Motocross to go back again. So, hit play on this edit and watch the madness that was Volume X Demolition in Japan. Thanks again to Motocross International for organizing and taking such good care of all of our guys. Filmed and Edited by Mike Mastroni.
  • 06 Jun

Volume bikes’ The Finer Things trailer just dropped and it looks like it’s going to be a f-n insane video.  The trailer got us all hyped and couldn’t be more stoked to see the actual DVD now.  It’s been in the works for awhile and Mastroni has been putting in a ton of effort on making it his best work to date.
“Coming Fall 2014! THE FINER THINGS is a full length DVD starrting Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Alex Raban, Drew Hosselton, Lil D, Tate Roskelley, Demarcus Paul, Eric Bahlman, Mike Mastroni, Alex Platt, Zach Krejmas & many more.  #WATCHTHEFINERTHINGS
Filming, Editing, & Graphics by Mike Mastroni.” – Volume Bikes
  • 20 May

Whenever we get samples, we always have them all over our office and like many brands we can’t wait to build up a “sample bike” with all our new goods to show off. Above is the new Broc Raiford Vessel frame built up with some brand spankin’ new Volume/ Demolition bits here and there. Click HERE to view the specs on the dots.

  • 14 May

We just got samples of the new Volume Bikes grips that we’ve had in the works. We are so stoked on how these came out with the chevron design. We wanted something similar to the classic mushroom design that has been such a comfortable staple in BMX for so long, similar to our sister brand Demolition Parts Missile grips. But, we also wanted a design that would give some lateral resistance to prevent throttle grip that is common with the one directional vertical ribs of mushroom grips. That, combined with modern rubber compounds and technology available today that maximize longevity and right-out-of-the box cushy feel and grip, this is the end result and we are stoked! A couple of other small features you might notice is the slight knurling on the high flange and the low flanges to add a little extra grip. The VLM grip is being run by our Volume Bikes Team as they film for the upcoming #watchthefinerthings full length video, and they’ll be out in about 3 months in both flanged and flange-less options.