• 08 Mar
panos bikecheck

Panos has been unstoppable lately while traveling the world, trekking hours to find set ups in remote places, and just killing set up after set up. He just dropped a bike check and some awesome Anas Mansour photos on Meatballs BMX (Greece) for his newly minted Verde X Demolition whip. Head over and check it out; and here’s a quick link to Google Translate since you’re probably like me and can’t speak Greek.

  • 07 Mar
complete sale

Spring is turning, daylight savings time is ending, and all of our completes are 15% off just as the days get longer. The Volume completes are down to a limited number and we’ve seen nothing but positive responses. They’re easy to build, have name brand parts, and have been really reliable for all the customers we’ve talked to. Fill in some holes in your stock or use this as an opportunity to try Volume completes if you haven’t yet. The sale won’t last forever, and stock is very limited. Don’t forget our frame sale and 30% off sale while you’re at it.

  • 02 Mar
30 sale

It’s March and as the weather starts to take a turn around the country, that means it’s time for new 2016 products to be close by. That also means it’s time for SPRING CLEANING. We just put a BUNCH OF ITEMS on sale for anywhere between 15-30% off including Brace stems and Markit seats. There are also killer sales on the few remaining Broc Raiford Vessel frames and Volume Completes. Login and hit the links to see what’s on sale.

  • 23 Feb

Our new Demolition International team rider, Panos, is currently in South Africa and just sent through this little update and one heck of a lookback photo. “This ditch was incredible, perfect transition and was actually in the middle of nowhere. We drove like 4 hours from the city!” – Panos

Photo by @anasbgl

  • 16 Feb

Demolition Pro Matt Cordova has a sweet Thrice (not the band) feature up on rideuk. Matt has been on the scene for a bit now and has always been every pro’s favorite rider, but lately the masses are starting to recognize it. He goes faster and higher on almost anything, and has style to boot. Go check out his Thrice feature where he addresses his past, present, and future. There’s even a sneak peek of his new signature motorcycle inspired seat at the end.

  • 15 Feb

Seats have become like tires and grips; a basic that’s changed almost just as often. To make things a little easier and better, from now on whenever you order any seat, we’ll give you 15% off any regular priced matching post for it. The coupon is “seatpost.” For example, if you get one Demolition Paradise Pivotal Seat and want a matching Pivotal 135mm regular priced post, then you’ll get 15% off that post when you enter the code “seatpost.” The discount only works for every seat post matched with a seat. If two seats are bought and multiple posts, then the discount only applies to the first two posts. If you have questions, give us a call.


  • 10 Feb

On the heels of Panos, we’re stoked welcome Tristan Sweet to our Demolition distro rider team through Killemall distribution in Canada. Tristan has been killing it lately if you haven’t noticed and he’s got a bright future ahead of him in his young age. Keep on the look out for Tristan as he’s working on his welcome edit right now, and in the meantime check out some of his clips in Closet Boys.

  • 08 Feb

Demolition just added Greece shredder Panos Manaras to our International Team with our Greece distributor Ride On. Panos absolutely kills it on a bike, and he rides everything. He’s got style for days, and he’s not afraid to send it at all. He’s currently working on his welcome to Demolition edit, but in the mean time check out his recent Dig X Verde video from a couple weeks ago. I know you hear it a lot, but don’t sleep on Panos. Watch it. Photo by @anasbgl

  • 05 Feb

I hate news like this. Dave was and will always be a hero to so many kids and kids-at-heart. He will truly be missed. His finger prints are all over today’s BMX and X Games. I’ll be sending some Manual 1080 No Handed Quad Whips to Manuals tonight in his honor. May you Rest In Peace Mirracle Boy. Our blessings and prayers go out to the Mirra family as well. Heart breaking.