• 27 Jan

Demolition put up this ridiculous photo of newly PRO-moted Matt Cordova seriously stretching a boosted can-can. I’m pretty sure this would be 57,482 points by itself on Xbox’s Dave Mirra 2. Matt has so much style, and combining it with the height of the air colors in the photo, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Be on the look out for more details on Matt’s signature seat dropping in March. Photo by J.Cobbs.

  • 27 Jan

With all the talk about Demolition now offering their Revolt and Rig cranks with a lifetime warranty on the arms and spindles, it reminds me of all the crazy shit that’s gone down on both sets of cranks (and the lack of any problems). The entire Demolition team filmed the entire Demolition “Last Chance” video on Revolts. Dennis Enarson’s ender section above which won the RIDEbmx 2011 NORA Cup is included. A couple years after that we came out with his sig. Rig 24mm cranks for those of you who like a options and thicker arms for comfort. Whether you choose to ride the Rigs or Revolts, let’s just say you’ll be set, and can feel comfortable with your cranks. You can check out the Revolts here>> and the Rigs here>>.

  • 21 Jan
180 hessian red

The 2016 Volume Hessians (Hesh-in) are in stock in both the Trans Red and Matte Raw. The Hessian 26″ comes with comfy fat 2.25″ Resist Nomad tires, 25/9 gearing, 3-pc chromoly cranks, and much more. It’s the perfect bike for cruising the beach, grabbing a sixer, the neighborhood, the running trail, or just curb hopping.

  • 14 Jan

If you needed assurances of what Volume and Demolition products can do, then look no further than this video (I mean aside from already heavy hitters like Broc Raiford, Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Matt Cordova, DeMarcus Paul, etc). BMX Militia, our Australian counterpart, sent Jacman Hinss, Lewis Mills, and Boyd Hilder to Sydney and they killed it. Killed it. What I like about this video is that it’s not just a bunch of riding thrown on a timeline, but the fun they had legitimately translates.

  • 11 Jan

That’s right, Demolition is now giving a lifetime warranty on their cranks. If that’s not confidence in them, I don’t know what is. Check out the full release below from Demolition.
Cranks are always that one bicycle component that every bmx rider likes to switch out or be on the lookout for in terms of cracks or stress on the tubes due to how much pressure is constantly being pounded on em.  It’s also what every bmx company is always concerned with and is constantly trying to perfect.  Over the last few years with our Revolt cranks, and now with Dennis Enarson’s signature RIG cranks, we’ve come to the conclusion that these two cranks have been proven and tested (over time) to withstand an insane amount of abuse, and to show you how much we believe in both cranks, we are now offering a lifetime warranty* against breaks/ cracks on the arms and spindles.  We think this will give you confidence and peace of mind in knowing that we back our cranks 110%.  *Offer is only valid for original purchaser.”