Hessians in Stock

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The 2016 Volume Hessians (Hesh-in) are in stock in both the Trans Red and Matte Raw. The Hessian 26″ comes with comfy fat 2.25″ Resist Nomad tires, 25/9 gearing, 3-pc chromoly cranks, and much more. It’s the perfect bike for cruising the beach, grabbing a sixer, the neighborhood, the running trail, or just curb hopping.

Wheels In Stock

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Demolition Bulimia front and Rogue rear wheels in stock. Our Bulimia front wheel laced to a Zero double walled rim has been kicking around since our early days and has still proven to be one of the lightest and most sturdy wheels on the market. The Rogue rear cassette laced to a Zero is only… Read more »

Custom Completes

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At 180 Dist we not only offer a wide range of frames, forks, parts, and completes for anything and everything BMX, but we also offer Volume and Demolition Custom Complete bike build packages at a discount to all of our 180 Dist dealers. Fullerton Bicycles in California has been offering our Custom Completes for years… Read more »