Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise Line Almost Here

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Tyler Fernengel has been on fire this past year and has a well-deserved signature line, “Paradise,” dropping from Demolition in the next 3 weeks. He made the move from brisk Michigan to sunny San Diego a while back and his little paradise has manifested into his line. His line is his pivotal/tripod seat, handlebar, and… Read more »

Broc Anchor Forks In Stock

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Yep, you read that right. Broc Raiford’s highly anticipated Volume fork, the Anchor, is out now. We just pulled them off the shipment and already shooting them out to dealers. The Anchors highlight an all new 6mm investment casted dropout similar to the one used on Broc’s Volume Vessel frame, and a modern 28mm offset… Read more »

VL Stem, I Mean M…..VLM Stems Coming Soon

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In only a few short weeks we’ll be getting Volume’s brand new VLM top load stem. Top load stems are reigning supreme right now and Volume is dropping the VLM they’ve had in the works for a while. Volume’s take on the topload is simple: make it clean with smooth lines, not to over-do the… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Sample Volume Grips

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We just got samples of the new Volume Bikes grips that we’ve had in the works. We are so stoked on how these came out with the chevron design. We wanted something similar to the classic mushroom design that has been such a comfortable staple in BMX for so long, similar to our sister brand… Read more »