RIDEbmx’s War Horse KYR

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RIDEbmx just posted their “Know Your Roll” Wednesday feature and this week it’s all about DeMarcus Paul’s brand new Volume War Horse frame. Personally, I love this frame. I can’t get enough when looking at the matte rust colorway (part of that might be because my last name is Rust). And the spec’s are so… Read more »

Broc Bike Right Out Of The Box Feature

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Ever wonder if a mid level bike that retails for $550 is good enough for a pro rider like Broc Raiford. Proof is in the pudding… “A full minute and twenty-eight seconds of absolute Broc-ery. RIDEbmx just dropped their “Out of the Box” highlight video of Broc Raiford’s signature Volume complete known simply as “The… Read more »

Know Your Roll – Markit Sprocket

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RIDEbmx just posted a new “Know Your Roll” product highlight for their weekly Wednesday feature. Dane has some great things to say about our Demolition X Markit sprocket that’s dropping in a couple weeks. I was pretty stoked to see him say “…this sprocket looks as bad ass as the Markit team, with a unique… Read more »

Company Property 3

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RIDEbmx’s 3rd and last installment of Company Property at the Full Factory ramps just went up and the guys went all in.  Think our man Connor Lodes won craziest trick of the day by doing the wallride over the fence.  Check it out to see everyone kill it!

Company Property 1

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Our guys from 180 Distribution making us proud! Shout out to DeMarcus “Deemo” Paul, Broc Raiford and Mike Gray for killing it on the Tip Plus BMX ramps.

Company Property Teaser

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Get ready for some heavy moves at our old 180 Distribution warehouse… “Company Property is 11 riders of 3 camps, all sessioning the familiar yet under-utilized company ramp setups at Tip Plus, Full Factory, and 180 Distribution. Sean Ricany, Stevie Churchill, & Caleb Quanbeck for Tip, Demarcus Paul, Connor Lodes, Mike Gray, & Josh Clemens… Read more »