Broc Raiford RideBMX Bike Check

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RideBMX just posted a new “What I Ride” bike check with Volume’s Pro Broc Raiford. He just built up a completely new set up and it looks so good. I never thought I’d like the look of gloss black again the BMX Industry’s switch to flat years ago, but dang this looks fresh. Here’s what… Read more »

Broc Raiford RideBMX Pro Part

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Holy Crap! Volume pro Broc Raiford just keeps delivering. RideBMX just dropped his Pro Part today and it’s absolutely unreal. It also includes the clip from Broc’s Issue 209 cover. Film/Edit by Zach Krejmas. Broc Raiford filmed his Pro Part over the past year, starting around the time of his Pro Interview in issue 209… Read more »

Broc Bike Giveaway

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Volume Bikes is giving away a signature 2016 Broc Raiford Complete, and it’s not just any complete. It’s the same complete Broc built up for his RIDEbmx “Out Of The Box” feature that he went all in for. He shredded with this bike, and it’s still solid enough to be passed on and ridden by… Read more »

What I Ride – Drew Hosselton

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RIDEbmx has been getting together with Volume / Demolition rider Drew Hosselton all Summer as they work on a RIDEbmx that will be a good one for sure. While in the mix, Jeff Z. worked up a “What I Ride” bike check with Drew that is chock full of Volume & Demolition parts. Drew always… Read more »

How-Tuesday: Crank Flips w/ Josh Clemens

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Josh Clemens just doesn’t stop. Josh comes through once again with a very thorough RIDEbmx How-Tuesday on Crankflips (aka “kickflips,” if you’re more of a skateboarder and hate BMX 😉 tongue firmly planted in cheek). After working with RIDEbmx just over a month ago on a 180 Lip-slides How-Tuesday, Clemens and Krejmas meet again and… Read more »

How To…Be As Smooth As Clemens

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Our very own Volume mustachio-ed compatriot, Josh Clemens, got with our other Volume bearded compatriot, Zach Krejmas, with RIDEbmx and produced this awesome How-Tuesday. Here Josh walks through how to perform a proper and steezy lip slide. And Zach, per usual, is excellent behind the lens. Josh always has super smooth lines and can do… Read more »

RIDEbmx Company Property: 180 Dist. Ramps

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RIDEbmx just dropped their “Company Property” edition from the 180 Dist. ramps (RIP). It’s an awesome concept where they take the same group of riders around to all the different BMX companies with ramps in the SoCal area to see what they come up with. Some of the riders are from 180 Dist companies Volume… Read more »

Know Your Peg

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RideBMX’s Dane Wild did a nice review of the Bi Polar peg earlier this week, and a little history of plastic pegs under Demolition. Dane knows his history and had some really good things to say about the Bi Polar, including an in-depth Tyler Fernengel quote. And if you know the guys at Albe’s, then… Read more »

Full Interbike 2014 Video Coverage

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Interbike 2014 is officially a wrap, so we’ve got all the video coverage for Volume & Demolition from RideBMX and Vitalbmx right here in one spot for easy access. There’s breakdowns of all the products we’ve been busting our humps on this past year, and even a sneak peak or two on products that we’re… Read more »