Cop(per) These Before They’re Gone


The container has pulled away, foreign dust has settled, and the sweat o’ me brow has dried which means one thing….New BMX Goods from Volume & Demolition!!! We are so excited to finally get in some of the new items we’ve been working so feverishly on for the past year and more. Items like Dennis Enarson’s signature Demolition Rig Cranks & Tires, Volume Bermuda V2 frames, Limited Edition Drew Hosselton & Alex Raban signature colorways, 24mm Mid BB’s, 24mm splined Mugatus, and the anticipated VLM grips are all here. And, yes, you read that right. Limited Edition colorways. There’s only a really small amount. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Hit the jump to check out the gallery of all the new items.


Our Limited Edition Volume colorways include Alex Raban’s Penny Chrome (shown as main image) & Drew Hosselton’s Electric Blue Chrome (pictured here). These are very limited edition, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. They’re available in the new Bermuda V2 frame, Drew Hosselton’s Barista Bar, and Drew Hosselton’s Hatchet fork.


To complete Dennis Enarson’s signature Rig bars new this year, we have his Rig 24mm cranks, and his Rig tire. The cranks come in 170 and 175mm, black or chrome, and come with the 24mm Mid BB so there’s no need to go out and buy bearings. His Rig tire is a really nice mix of street, park, and trails patterns….just like Dennis. It’s available in 2.25 and 2.40 black wall, and let me just add that Dennis is still riding his first samples that he got a while ago, if that says anything about the rubber compound and durability.

vlm grips

And last, but not least in the slightest, the new VLM grips from Volume. This is probably one of the items we’re most excited about. Grips are one of the only couple of items on a bike that riders are constantly in contact with out of all of the parts that make up a BMX bike. The other is the pedal. With the VLM grips, we really wanted to take designs already functionally proven on the market, and do our best to add to and improve upon them to push progression. We came up with the chevron design because it provides not just vertical rib pattern, but also a horizontal pattern. The vertical rib, or mushroom pattern, has been a staple, but even with those it’s possible to have sweat cause a type of throttle grip where the palm can slide along the length of the vertical rib. With the VLM grip there’s an added horizontal aspect that can help resist that type of movement without taking away from the soft feeling that vertical ribs give. Adding that to the vast improvements of available rubbers, durometers, and barend compounds (yes, there was extended work put into the barends as well) we could not be happier with the outcome. There’s even small knurls in the mini flanges for grip. Attention to detail. These are available in flanged and non-flanged, as well as black, black/white swirl, and black/green swirl.