Product Spotlight: Demolition AXES Grips


Demolition just dropped their new Axes grips a couple weeks ago and they feel great. There are a ton of grip options for you on the markets these days and everyone is looking to improve upon the ODI’s and Edwins of our day. I know I’m biased, but I am stoked on this grip. Stay with me on this, now. Having felt them myself, and had off-the-record conversations with riders who’ve ridden them, I feel confident in these grips. After testing several rubbers, we found a great compound to improve upon the durability that soft grips a few years ago couldn’t hold while keeping the cushy, broken-in feeling they did have. I also really like the horizontal and other lateral lines these and the Volume VLM grips have that previous ones didn’t have. I love mushroom style grips myself, but I’ve always felt the standard mushroom vertical lines lack in preventing sweat from causing hands to have front-to-back throttle grip. The Axes grips prevent that much more. Give these a shot and message us to let us know what you think. Check em out here>>…….Plus, you don’t have to do a “double pits to chesty” to ride these (unlike another Axe).