Taste The Rainbow….


I’ll be honest, this photo definitely gets me excited. It’s like candy. So many frames and so many colors in one photo. I just imagine all of these frames falling from the sky like skittles and I get to have my pick. We’ve already got Broc’s Vessel and the Bermuda V2 Limited Colors in stock, but on deck are Jason Enns’s Cerberus, Broc’s new Vessel color, and the DeMarcus and trans color Bermuda V2’s drop this month. I’ll break em down for a sec….Cerberus = Flat Black & Evergreen… Vessel = Flat Red, Flat Black, Polished Raw, & Black/White Splatter…Bermuda V2 = DeMarcus Flat Army Green, Trans Gold (A. Raban), Trans Blue (Drew H.), LE Blue ED Chrome, LE Penny ED Chrome, & Flat Black. If you’re looking for a new frame for the new year, we’ve got the color and specs you’re looking for. Hit up Volume to check em all out and get your pre-order in before they’re gone.