Broc’s Signature Line

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Volume just posted this cool photo of all of Broc Raiford‘s signature items. Clockwise from bottom left; Vessel, Captain, Navy Nautical, Black Nautical, and Anchor. Broc has been blowing up and just absolutely killing this year, so if you haven’t then check out some of his signature parts. Or, if you’re in the market for… Read more »

Connor Lodes Axes 2 Seats

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Connor Lodes‘s Axes 2 seats from Demolition are in stock and available in both Tripod and Pivotal versions. It’s a fat capital style padded seat for nice bum comfort, a synthetic leather 3 piece stitched top for durability, and also has a reinforced base with plastic bumpers. If you’re looking for a new seat, check… Read more »

Dennis Rig Ad

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Demolition just dropped Dennis Enarson‘s newest Rig line ad and it’s classic Dennis; burly, big, and stylish. What you don’t realize about this ad is that everything is opposite. The bars and the 180 are both opposite. Yep, classic Dennis. Click on the image to go BIG, and check out his Rig parts if you… Read more »

Have A Seat With Broc Raiford

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Broc sits down and talks about the ideas, desires, and necessities he had when designing his new Volume Nautical seat. There are some ridiculous riding clips mixed in too (that hanger!) so be sure to watch this. Film/Edit by Mike Mastroni. Check out Broc’s whole line here SEAT / FRAME / BAR / FORK

Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise Line Almost Here

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Tyler Fernengel has been on fire this past year and has a well-deserved signature line, “Paradise,” dropping from Demolition in the next 3 weeks. He made the move from brisk Michigan to sunny San Diego a while back and his little paradise has manifested into his line. His line is his pivotal/tripod seat, handlebar, and… Read more »

Limited Alex Raban VLM Seats

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Raban is definitely a creative individual and when he got his Volume VLM seat he customized it. We loved it so much that we asked him if he’d do a batch of them from our stock. We just got them back and have a very limited amount of Alex Raban handcraft dyed VLM seats that… Read more »

BMX Union & BMX Materials

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This past week The Union has been dropping some articles on the materials used in BMX, their purposes, what the numbers mean (like 4130), and just writing some good BMX Tech 101 articles. Their most recent one is on CNC’d Aluminum and they use our Demolition Trooper AL pedal as an example. Check these out… Read more »

Grey Top Momentums

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We just got the Demolition Momentum tires in the all new grey top w/black side walls. They looks so clean with the black walls. You’re favorite tire updated with a brand new color. They’re available in 2.20 and 2.35 now. Check em out.

Vessels Are Docked

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Broc Raiford‘s signature Volume Vessel frames have re-docked. All three colors of raw, flat black, and black/white splatter are back and available in all sizes. The Vessel has been killing it for us and after being out of stock for a brief moment, the wait is over. On a side note, I find it highly… Read more »

El Capitan

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After having the 9.25″ Captain bars in stock for a month, we just got the 9″ version for those of you (myself included) who aren’t ready to jump up quite that high. Broc Raiford‘s bar has been killing it and we’re so stoked with the response from you guys on the Captain. Hit up you’re… Read more »