Company Property 3

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RIDEbmx’s 3rd and last installment of Company Property at the Full Factory ramps just went up and the guys went all in. ┬áThink our man Connor Lodes won craziest trick of the day by doing the wallride over the fence. ┬áCheck it out to see everyone kill it!

BMX Staff Infection

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WARNING: Self-Answered Questions….Do you own or run a local shop that you want to get tapped into your BMX scene and get those riders into your shop, but not know the first thing about BMX or even have the time to think about it with all the other brands/genres of bikes your shop deals with?… Read more »

Aye Aye Captain

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Land Ho! Volume Broc Raiford “Captain” bars in 9.25″ are almost landed. We’re a little less than a week away from seeing Broc’s highly demanded bar in stock. We’ll have it in the three colors above (Flat Black, Black/White Splatter, and Chrome). Broc has been killing it lately (#WatchTheFinerThings) with Simple Session to come in… Read more »

VL Stem, I Mean M…..VLM Stems Coming Soon

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In only a few short weeks we’ll be getting Volume’s brand new VLM top load stem. Top load stems are reigning supreme right now and Volume is dropping the VLM they’ve had in the works for a while. Volume’s take on the topload is simple: make it clean with smooth lines, not to over-do the… Read more »

The Finer Premieres

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It’s the day after and we’re all having a surreal BMX hangover of ridiculous moves unleashed on our eyeballs from last night’s Volume “The Finer Things” premiere at Lido Live in Newport Beach, CA. And while there’s a bunch of people who’ve already seen the video and how unbelievable it is, there are a ton… Read more »

Who Needs A New Frame?

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We just got all of our brand new Volume Bikes’ Bermuda V2 frames in and even though we’ve already taken photos of them, we just had to take more. It’s like Christmas every time these containers come in. So many colors to choose from. If you need a new frame for the shop or a… Read more »

Tea Time Two

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TEA & BISCUITS 2 UK BMX TOUR VIDEO from 180 Distribution on Vimeo. Our Demolition guys (Drew Hosselton, Rob Wise, and Kris Fox) and Volume guys (Broc Raiford and Drew Hosselton) all went over the pond to jump in on another UK Tea and Biscuits Tour with the fine folks at Elephant Distribution. They caught… Read more »

Can You Say Krejmas (Cray-Mus)?

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Volume Bikes just dropped a really nice interview with AM rider Zach Krejmas over the weekend. You may not know this, but Zach is a pretty big influence in BMX and has been for sometime. He not only is a solid rider, but has been an avid filmer for Vital in the past, and this… Read more »

Taste The Rainbow….

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I’ll be honest, this photo definitely gets me excited. It’s like candy. So many frames and so many colors in one photo. I just imagine all of these frames falling from the sky like skittles and I get to have my pick. We’ve already got Broc’s Vessel and the Bermuda V2 Limited Colors in stock,… Read more »

ED Colored Kits

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With Volume Bikes‘ ED colors getting a ton of press, we thought we’d offer up the whole kit (Bermuda V2 frames, Hatchet forks & Barista bars) for you guys. Our ED kits are available now at your local Volume bikes dealer/ mail order, or on Volume’s online shop <<HERE>>.