• 05 Dec

The Volume bikes DeMarcus Paul Thunder Blue colorway on the War Horse frame/ fork, Anchor fork and Mad Dog bars are now all in stock.  The small blue splatter looks badass and looks even better in person that shows all the details of the new paint.  Check each product page for more info…

  • 20 Oct

That’s right, we’re now accepting pre-books for our new 26″ Sledgehammer Klunker bike. We haven’t been this excited on a “project bike” in years. The bike is another one of our dreamed up bikes that we always wanted for ourselves to mob around on, and after making it a reality we began to take it through the bmxer test. Combines the best of both worlds of bmx and mtb, it resembles the first beginnings of mountain bikes back in the late seventies. Pre-book here>>  Read more »

  • 10 Oct
180 Dist RIDEbmx Bikes

Last week Jeff Z from RIDEbmx came through and went through all of our current & upcoming 2017 Volume & Demolition products. You can head over to RIDEbmx here to check out the entire gallery, all shot by Z. The photos came out great and do a really good job of especially highlighting the colors we’re doing. We can’t thank RIDE enough for making it happen. Lastly, if you missed the Facebook Live feed we at the same time covering everything, then you can check that out here at RIDE’s Facebook. Sorry about the mic on the first part; beauty of live TV. It gets better.

  • 05 Oct

Holy Crap. Everything about this video is perfect: the classic music, the riding, the spoken intro, the scenery, the old style film cuts with modern filming, and best of all the style. If you’ve been looking for motivation to hop into a van to shred some new places and get your @vanlifediaries going, then look no further. Demolition riders Matt and Kris bring the heat and style with this one. You won’t regret watching this.

  • 27 Sep

While some were displaying booths at this years 2016 Interbike show, we decided it would be best to fool a few and set up our booth in our warehouse instead of in Vegas and display photos on social media of most of our new goods.  While we were creeping around Vegas, we found it funny that some of our friends still thought we were there with a booth.  Mission accomplished!  We’ll be showing off our new goods on the site shortly, in the meantime you can check out @volumebikes and @demolitionparts‘ Instagram for sneak peek photos.

  • 12 Sep

After being out of the UK bmx market for some time, Volume bikes and Demolition parts are proud to finally have a home with Ison Distribution Ltd.
Ison is a very well established bicycle distributor that has been in business since 1992 and, prior to, has run bicycle shops since 1895. As 4th generation of a bicycle business family, their knowledge base goes way beyond anything we could imagine for every type of bicycle on the market.
When looking into distributors, we were blown away by Ison’s history, experience, and B2B site for dealers with how easy it is to navigate around in. They’ve streamlined the ordering process and have really thought out their business plan within IBD’s. Along with staff who ride bmx, they’re very committed to bmx and what they can bring to the UK bmx market for Volume / Demolition.
With Ison, Volume / Demolition have big plans for getting back into the UK market with a UK team, team trips, and more direct UK marketing media attention.

“Having seen the queries 180 Dist. are getting regarding UK supply of both Volume and Demolition goods, we’re looking forward to being able to fulfil those needs and get some RAD back on the shelves at Ison!” – Ison Distribution

For all UK inquires for Volume/ Demolition products, please contact Ison at:

Contact Information
Ison Distribution Ltd.
201 Lancaster Way Business Park,
Ely, Cambridgeshire.
CB6 3NX.
Tel: 01353 662 662
Fax: 01353 666 656
E-mail: sales@ison-distribution.com
Website: http://www.ison-distribution.com

  • 08 Sep

Our new Elite Program will help streamline all your 180 Distribution orders and save you $$. Win win!  Please call Kevin Rust or Sean Seiling in sales for the lowdown.

  • 08 Sep

The deals keep comin in hot from our new September special newsletter.  If you aren’t on our mailing list, please contact Kevin or Sean in sales and we’ll set you up.
Our new specials are almost too good to pass up too!  Our DeMarcus Paul frames went out so fast, we were out of stock for a bit but we’ll be airing some in for you guys that need em asap.  Please get with us if you would like these before our next container in mid Oct.  Read more »

  • 06 Aug

That’s right, Volume just released an all new color for the signature Jason Enns Cerberus frame.  Very limited edition “pool shark splatter” (gloss black base with small yellow and cyan splatters) Cerberus frame with only 30 made.  First come first serve…
Jason’s career has been through the ups and downs of the bmx industry and has held steady of staying on one team (16 years on Volume!) throughout his career, and he’s had 5 pro model frames with us with the Destroyer, Death Wish, Ends, Destroyer Reissue and now the Cerberus.  He’s seen every trend, fad, pro riders, bad riders, fame, fortune, and then some with his extensive career.  Jason’s riding has evolved into pool riding recently and has already been doing things that haven’t been done before in gnarly pools that some dare to drop into.  Check out his latest interview up at volumebikes.com to read his thoughts on trends, his frame, stories and more.