• 02 Aug

We’re beyond stoked for Matt on his big win at the Van Doren Invitational today. He had everything lined up for him to take the win with his bag of tricks, going high on every wall, making everything look damn good and doing the biggest whip transfer of the day.  This particular contest had a lot of our Demolition guys in it (8 total!) and think it was the most team presence of any other out there.  Huge congrats to Matt as well as our Canadian badass, Corey Walsh for taking Best Trick of the day too.  What a day!

  • 05 Jul

Volume Bikes just released X Games Bronze Medalist & Van’s BMX Street Invitational Gold Medalist Broc Raiford‘s promo highlighting all of his signature parts and tee. He goes into some of the changes and new looks of each item, then proceeds to delight your eyes with signature Broc riding. Everyone of his new items are in stock at 180Dist now. Here you can check out more info on each Frame | Fork | Bar | Seat | Tee.

  • 16 Jun

Now that we’ve got Matt Cordova’s motorcycle-inspired Demolition Sig. MC Seats in stock, Demolition dropped his seat promo that’s been waiting in the wings, and man is it good. A mix of everything; pools, parks, street, and dirt. There’s no denying Matt has fun on his bike, and he knows how to go fast and roast better than most. Check out Matt killing it on a bike and check out his new seat while your at it.

  • 09 Jun

Very limited edition of 35 red hot for teacher Bermuda V2 frames are now available for pre-book. They arrive next week and since they’re first come first serve, we wanted to give you guys a heads up a week in advance.
*Dealers, please contact your 180 Dist rep if you’re interested at 877.488.1369 OR pre book today online HERE>>

  • 08 Jun

If you’ve been waiting for the Matt Cordova signature Demolition MC Seat to drop and wondering what happened, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ll be dropping next week. There was a little delay due to a material problem on the first batch and that made them just not up to par on what both Matt & Demolition wanted, so we the tough decision was made to get them re-done. Well, after that short delay we’ll be seeing them next week. Designed as a fat seat & after Matt’s favorite motorcycle seat with ribbed top & Cordova Signature MC Skull patch, they’ll be available in pivotal & tripod. Hit us up now to get one pre-ordered, & check out Matt’s signature Demolition shirt that just dropped. Be on the look out for Matt’s seat promo from Demolition also.

  • 31 May

Today is the last day to get up to 10% off and Free Shipping off your entire 180 Dist. order of Volume & Demolition goods. Orders over $200 get 10% and orders over $500 get 10% off & Free Shipping. And, the only items excluded are clearance and sale items. So yes, all the new Vessel V2 & War Horse frames, Anchor V2 & Fox forks, Broc & DeMarcus & Fernengel seats, etc from both brands are included. Discounts are taken on the backend when your rep processes the order and HI & AK are excluded from Free shipping (enquire for these specials). Photo from Volume Bike’s Memorial Day Vessel V2 build.

  • 24 May

We’ve only got less than a week left on our current specials going, and all of the brand new Volume & Demolition products that just dropped are INCLUDED. Get 10% off your orders of $200 or more, OR get 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on your orders of $500 or more*. The only items excluded are items already tagged “clearance” or already on sale, but Broc’s new Vessel V2, Anchor V2, & Nautical V2, and DeMarcus Paul’s new War Horse Frame and War Horse Seat are included. Broc Photo above shot by J.Cobbs. *Ends May 31st. All discounts applied after order processed. Free shipping excludes HI & AK; inquire for these shipping discounts.

  • 23 May

The highly anticipated Demolition Parts Slider Front Hub Guards are finally in stock and they’re living up to everything we hoped they would be. After a couple years (no kidding) of refining, testing, and dialing in the PC/Nylon compound, adaptability, durability, and longevity we’ve finally got them where we want them. They’re inexpensive, sold individually and come in three options: PC Guard only, PC Guard+Bulimia Cone, or PC Guard+Ghost Cone. All Bulimia V3 hubs and Ghost V2 hubs come with the newly designed cone the PC slides on top of. For V1/V2 Bulimias & V1 Ghosts you’ll need to get the PC with the new cone to retrofit your hub. We’re sure they’re fit other brands’ front hubs on the market too, but haven’t specifically tested any to guarantee that, so know that before you try it, and if you do try it, then please let us know.

  • 18 May

Demolition Parts just dropped Kris Fox’s signature “Fox Fork” along with a solid interview with Kris on the process, and his Fox Fork promo video. The Fox Fork is unlike any fork Demolition has ever made with the investment cast dropouts, and  Kris had a big hand in the whole process. Check out the Fox Forks, and check out his video after the jump…Photo Credit: Joey Cobbs

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