rotator-driver 900x600

Demolition Rotator Hub Parts

  • Replacement Pieces for the Demolition Rotator hub
  • RHD & LHD Driver is 9t needle bearing driver
  • All Bearings are Sealed
  • ACB = Angular Contact Bearing
  • Cone Set includes 1 NDS cone, 1 DS cone, & 1 DS Tapered Washer
  • V1 Axle is for V1 Rotator hub with Sealed Bearing driver
  • V2 Axle is for V2 Rotator hub with Needle Bearing driver
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Product Description

Replacement Parts for the Demolition Rotator Freecoaster Hub. **Note that if you have a V1 Rotator Hub and need just a new axle or just a new driver, then you would need purchase both V2/V3 driver and V2/V3 axle due to spacing. We don’t manufacture parts for the V1 Rotator anymore, but you can convert your V1 to a V2/V3 by replacing the axle & driver.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 1 in

6802-14RS Driver Bearing, Cone Set, DS 7905/25W9AC ACB Bearing, NDS 6002-2RS Bearing, LHD Clutch, RHD Clutch, V2/V3 Axle (Needle Bearing), V2/V3 LHD Driver, V2/V3 RHD Driver