Grippin to Rippin in 6 Ways

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Demolition just dropped the first of a new round of How-To videos being worked on to get a bike dialed. The first: Grips. There’s probably an endless amount of methods to get a new set of grips onto a bike, and here the guys go through their 6 preferred methods. Check it out. Grips used… Read more »

How-Tuesday: Crank Flips w/ Josh Clemens

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Josh Clemens just doesn’t stop. Josh comes through once again with a very thorough RIDEbmx How-Tuesday on Crankflips (aka “kickflips,” if you’re more of a skateboarder and hate BMX 😉 tongue firmly planted in cheek). After working with RIDEbmx just over a month ago on a 180 Lip-slides How-Tuesday, Clemens and Krejmas meet again and… Read more »

How To…Be As Smooth As Clemens

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Our very own Volume mustachio-ed compatriot, Josh Clemens, got with our other Volume bearded compatriot, Zach Krejmas, with RIDEbmx and produced this awesome How-Tuesday. Here Josh walks through how to perform a proper and steezy lip slide. And Zach, per usual, is excellent behind the lens. Josh always has super smooth lines and can do… Read more »