• 03 Sep
trooper pedal

This past week The Union has been dropping some articles on the materials used in BMX, their purposes, what the numbers mean (like 4130), and just writing some good BMX Tech 101 articles. Their most recent one is on CNC’d Aluminum and they use our Demolition Trooper AL pedal as an example. Check these out articles out when you get a chance. Having been in the industry myself for a number of years, there are couple things I previously didn’t know from these articles. I love when people take it into their own hands to educate BMX-ers rather than just expecting them to know it.

  • 02 Sep

It goes without saying that we don’t get out to the east coast, especially New York, as much as we’d like to. The good ol’ airlines tend like their rates high, especially with a bike bag. Well, we’ll finally be out in New York in the next week and we’re stopping by a couple of our favorite shops while there; Vicious Cycle Sept. 8th and Dah Shop Sept. 9th. We can’t wait to stop and ride with you guys, sign posters, and just hang. So, come on out and hang with Broc, DeMarcus, Mike, and local hero Billy Perry.

  • 01 Sep
mint chip 900x600

Surprise, Limited Mint Chip! We just got in a new Volume Bermuda V2 limited frame color way and we love it! We got this paint sample not long ago and thought the Bermuda V2 frame was “mint” for it after all the previous crazy color incarnations, so we got them made as fast as possible. The Mint Chip Bermuda V2 is a very limited quantity so if you want one, jump on it. Minty Fresh…

  • 01 Sep

180 interbike full
Seems like just yesterday was Interbike. It always comes quick. We’ve got our booth number and we’re getting all packed up. If you’re going, then swing by, hang out, and check out our new product. Our office will be closed that week, as you can see, but if you need anything during that time the 180 site will rocking and rolling to take your orders.

  • 28 Aug

Volume just put up “The Finer Things” mix section from the video. It’s got clips from some awesome names: Brian Castillo finally has more footage, Billy Perry, nose master Cody Clark, Elf, Jeff Z, Rob Dolecki, Jake Seeley, Biz, Rob Wise, and many more. Check it out!
  • 28 Aug

Jon Lee Aug 30This Sunday is the John Lee Jam. John Lee is known as the nicest guy in BMX (sorry Doyle), and this past year he took a bad spill and hurt his noggin pretty bad. It resulted in surgery and medical bills, so this jam is BMX banding together to help one of the best dudes to hop on a bike. If you’re in the area, then make sure you’re there. I mean almost every brand in BMX has gotten together for this, so you know it’s gonna be good, and it’s for a good cause. If you want to help out John financially, then go here>>