• 06 Oct

I’m so stoked to share this article. I’ve heard about it and been anticipating reading it for a while now. A little back story, shortly after Demolition‘s Colorado Camping trip this past Summer, Matt Cordova and Kris Fox decided to head back out there for a nice “get back to your roots” riding vacation. During and since, Kris has been penning his thoughts on the trip and everything that’s personally led him to needing this soul-seaching trek. We’ve all had these trips, or will need them, and it’s another human’s take on it. Check it out at DIG Here>>. To check out Kris’s signature parts through Demolition, then hit Read More.

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  • 01 Oct

Raban is definitely a creative individual and when he got his Volume VLM seat he customized it. We loved it so much that we asked him if he’d do a batch of them from our stock. We just got them back and have a very limited amount of Alex Raban handcraft dyed VLM seats that look rustic and worn in well. Again these are things are very very limited in pivotal and tripod and available now.

  • 05 Sep

We’ve always thought it’s important that you get your products from riders and the people you’re buying your product from over the phone also rides, like yourself.  The other day, we went out with J.Clemens and Sean Sieling tagged along and got a slew of good shots.  Not only is Sean a phone jockey, he can ride the hell out of a bike too.  This t-bog photo over a rail speaks for itself.

  • 03 Sep
trooper pedal

This past week The Union has been dropping some articles on the materials used in BMX, their purposes, what the numbers mean (like 4130), and just writing some good BMX Tech 101 articles. Their most recent one is on CNC’d Aluminum and they use our Demolition Trooper AL pedal as an example. Check these out articles out when you get a chance. Having been in the industry myself for a number of years, there are couple things I previously didn’t know from these articles. I love when people take it into their own hands to educate BMX-ers rather than just expecting them to know it.