• 21 Jan
finer things piv box2

We were finally able to squeeze our container through the Union strikes at the harbor and get a restock of parts (Momentums, Markit V2 Pivotals, Rotator Hubs, etc.), as well as the anticipated Finer Things pivotal seats. They’re a fat cap style seat with the trippy Kaleidoscope video pattern and embroidered Finer Things logo. Tripods will be in later, but we’ve got the pivotals ready to roll. And keep getting stoked for the Finer Things dvd to drop next month.

  • 15 Jan
site live coupon

Yes, the site is live and ready for orders on all of your Volume Bikes, Demolition Parts, and Resist Parts needs. To promote the new dealer B2B site, we’re offering Free Shipping on all orders placed from now until 1/31/2015. We’re still weeding out some small bugs, but we’re not gonna let that hold us back. If you find anything, let us know and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. If you don’t have an account then hit up Brian or Kevin for set up, or submit a dealer application to become a dealer.

  • 14 Jan

Along with new products trickling in, we just got our 2015 Spring Poster-logs in stock and they’re so clean, so we’ve released them online as well. I nerd out on these every time. The rider photos are always awesome, and all bias aside, they make me want every product posted. Here’s the Volume Products, and the Demolition Products are after the jump. Login and start carting on the new goods. Especially with B2B shipping special we have going (hint: B2B2FreeShip). If you don’t have an account, then hit up our contact page, call us at 562-926-5828, or fill out a dealer app.

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  • 12 Dec
bermuda v2

We just got all of our brand new Volume Bikes’ Bermuda V2 frames in and even though we’ve already taken photos of them, we just had to take more. It’s like Christmas every time these containers come in. So many colors to choose from. If you need a new frame for the shop or a yourself, hit us up (562-926-5828). Top to Bottom: DeMarcus Paul Flat Green, Flat Black, Alex Raban Trans Gold, Drew Hosselton Trans Blue.

  • 10 Dec

After many delays and dock union strikes we’ve finally gotten our container with all of the new goods. Volume Vader Tires, Broc Raiford Vessel Black/White Splatter Frames, DeMarcus Paul Flat Green Bermuda V2s, Trans Gold & Trans Blue Bermuda V2s, Jason Enns Cerberus Evergreen & Black Frames, and much more re-stock of Demolition & Volume goods. All just in time to complete the holiday shopping. We’ve also got some really good specials going on for dealers and lots of good items for stocking stuffers. Hit up your reps for details @ 562-926-5828.

  • 21 Nov

Heyyyyoooo! The Demolition Team will be hanging, sessioning, laughing, giving out goodies, and having an all-round good time at The Secret BMX Shop next Saturday at noon! The shop is at 28780 Old Town Front Street STE. B1 Temecula, CA. Come out and have fun on the BMX with us! Hope to see you there!

  • 18 Nov

Our Demolition dude, Connor Lodes, has been really making moves this past year. And it’s about time he’s gotten the credit he deserves. With a banging part in the NORA Cup Video of the Year, Markit, moving over and up to the Kink Pro team, his Kink Welcome video dropping today, he’s now got an interview up on DigBMX that you should check out. I’ve known Connor for a number of years now, and I can honestly say he’s one of the most genuine and down to earth guys you could meet. If he’s ever out and someone recognizes him, he’s not hesitant at all to have a conversation with them. So check out the interview and get to know the dude!

  • 17 Nov

TEA & BISCUITS 2 UK BMX TOUR VIDEO from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Our Demolition guys (Drew Hosselton, Rob Wise, and Kris Fox) and Volume guys (Broc Raiford and Drew Hosselton) all went over the pond to jump in on another UK Tea and Biscuits Tour with the fine folks at Elephant Distribution. They caught up with UK riders, Michael Jordan, Vince Mayne, Jordan Aleppo, and head honcho Steve Bancroft, rode some amazing parks and only got rained on a couple days. Sounds like a win-win if you ever vacationed in the UK before. Check it out, get stoked and get ready to be jealous of how awesome the parks are there.
“The second installment of our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour in affiliation with Elephant Distribution. Featuring riders from Volume, Demolition, and Markit US and UK. Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Michael Jordan, Kris Fox, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne, Rob Wise, and Steve Bancroft tear up some of England’s finest skatepark establishments and shops along the way. It was a wild journey to say the least. Enjoy!” Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni.

  • 10 Nov

Volume Bikes just dropped a really nice interview with AM rider Zach Krejmas over the weekend. You may not know this, but Zach is a pretty big influence in BMX and has been for sometime. He not only is a solid rider, but has been an avid filmer for Vital in the past, and this year made the move to RideBMX. You’ve been affected by him whether you know it or not, so do your internet clicking over to the Volume interview and see what goes on in that bearded head.