• 24 Nov

They’re finally here! After a couple of delays but just in time for the holidays, we’ve got Tyler Fernengel’s signature Demolition Paradise line in stock. The seats, bars, and stems are all here and pre-orders are starting to ship out. Check out Tyler’s Demolition Interview on his line, and check out all the products here>> SEAT / STEM / BAR

  • 18 Nov

If you’re on any social media platform, then I’m sure you’ve heard rumblings about Volume 1. Volume 1 is the newest project from Volume Bikes that got started right after “The Finer Things” premiered. It’s a really refreshing series filmer Mike Mastroni cooked up to keep things fresh and pressure-free on the riders in this new digital age. Dig BMX got an exclusive interview with Mastroni on the project. Check out the trailer and then head over there to get the inner workings of Mastroni’s brain and what to expect from Volume 1.

  • 03 Nov

Volume put up this nice Broc Raiford wallpaper in preparation for his Signature Series Part that drops tomorrow (“Part” not web video; “Part”). Click to go BIG and keep your iPad/tablet fresh, and stay tuned to Volume’s site for the full part to drop. It’s gonna be nuts. Check out the parts line here FRAME / FORK / BAR / SEAT / SHIRT

  • 28 Oct
seat shipping

If you haven’t heard or haven’t seen the emails, only a couple days left for the seat & free shipping special we’re doing. Any parts purchase that includes two (2) regular priced seats, gets free shipping on the entire parts order. That easy, and that cheap. Perfect for stocking up the basic tires, grips, pedals, etc. Complete bikes, Alaska, & Hawaii excluded. Check with your rep for details or to place an order, or place an order on the B2B and select COD for shipping, and your inside rep will make sure it goes on your usual terms.

  • 26 Oct

The Demolition Axes grips (shown above) & the Volume VLM grips are in stock and soft as every. Both the Axes and VLM grips are the softest and most durable grips we’ve ever done. As we’ve highlighted before, after testing out lots (and I mean lots) of samples of compounds and durometers for both styles we finally chose a fairly new compound known as Vex. It’s by far, the softest and most durable compound, with that broken-in feeling from day one but without the fast deterioration most grips experience right after being broken in. No break-in time, no boiling grips, just soft comfort and grip. Check them out if you haven’t already.

  • 19 Oct

Volume just posted this cool photo of all of Broc Raiford‘s signature items. Clockwise from bottom left; Vessel, Captain, Navy Nautical, Black Nautical, and Anchor. Broc has been blowing up and just absolutely killing this year, so if you haven’t then check out some of his signature parts. Or, if you’re in the market for all of these specs in one pop, then check out his signature Broc bike. All the same geometry, full chromoly, and sealed, but a little easier on the pocket to start out.

  • 16 Oct

Connor Lodes‘s Axes 2 seats from Demolition are in stock and available in both Tripod and Pivotal versions. It’s a fat capital style padded seat for nice bum comfort, a synthetic leather 3 piece stitched top for durability, and also has a reinforced base with plastic bumpers. If you’re looking for a new seat, check it out, and check out his recent seat promo. Connor’s Top Lodes also in stock. SEAT / STEM