• 02 Jul

RIDEbmx just posted a new “Know Your Roll” product highlight for their weekly Wednesday feature. Dane has some great things to say about our Demolition X Markit sprocket that’s dropping in a couple weeks. I was pretty stoked to see him say “…this sprocket looks as bad ass as the Markit team, with a unique look that has been missing from sprockets.” It’s always cool to hear people who handle tons of different products from every company be stoked on what you’re putting out. Check it out for the rest of the info from Dane and his awesome puns here>>

  • 25 Jun

We want to give a huge shout out to Gresham Bicycles in Gresham, OR. Our first Oregon shop stop with the VLM crew was yesterday at Gresham it was a great time. The turn out was awesome, every kid was super stoked and nice, and the guys at Gresham couldn’t have been more welcoming. It was a fun time for sure. Thanks for having us Gresham!…Be sure to make it to the Goods and Gonracin stops on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

  • 24 Jun
VLM Shop Tour

Some of the Volume crew have been in Oregon for a bit now riding and stacking clips for the super secret hush hush Volume1 project. Today is the first day of the shop stops we’ll be doing while there. First up: Gresham Bikes at 3pm today. Go ride and hang with the Volume guys today. Next up: Goods BMX on Friday, and Gonracin BMX on Saturday. Check out what they’ve been up to so far here>>

  • 23 Jun
bi polar ledge wax

Choose your slide. The Demolition Bi Polar pegs are in stock and versatile to match your riding. Choose between the stand alone CRMO peg, the lighter AL core + Nylon sleeve, or combine the Nylon sleeve and CRMO peg for a light and sturdy street weapon. Then up the ante of the Bi Polar with the Demolition Soap Bar Wax to keep your street spot dialed and fresh smelling. All roads lead to fun.

  • 19 Jun

The Volume guys (Drew Hosselton, Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, DeMarcus Paul, Alex Raban, Jason Enns, & Daniel Martinez) lay down some heavy street lines for their all new VLM team stem. The proof is in the pudding on how good the stem is, check it out here>>
  • 17 Jun
dennis crop

Every time I watch something from Dennis, I just subconsciously assume that it can’t get any better and that’s the limit of what’s possible, while simultaneously thinking that I can’t believe I thought that the last time I saw something from him. It’s this ridiculous cycle that plays in my mind. This time around, it’s this new Demolition ad for Dennis’s signature Rig line. All I can say is just click on the photo. Just do it. Then go pick up part or all of his Rig line just because of this. There’s just no topping that…………………………………..(See what I mean?)

  • 17 Jun
VLM Shop Tour

We’re only a week away from the first Oregon shop stop, Gresham Bikes, with our Volume guys Mastroni, Krejmas, Perry, Paul, & Clemens. It’s gonna be good times for sure. Billy Perry is already in town stacking clips for a new Volume project ahead of leaving, and the others have been hitting the gym regularly to work out their arms for throwing out freebies. Check the flyer for all the details.

  • 15 Jun
seat stem

Yes! Free Shipping! Everyone’s favorite sentence. For a limited time pick any two items between our tripod seats and Demolition stems, enter the code, and you get free shipping on an entire order. Whether that’s 2 Demo stems, or 2 tripod seats, or 1 stem and 1 tripod seat is up to you. Coupon codes are as follows: 2 stems = “stems”, 2 tripods = “tripods”, and 1 stem & 1 tripod = “mix”. Probably the simplest way to free shipping we’ve ever done.

  • 11 Jun
broc ridebmx

Broc is absolutely, undeniably, without a doubt killing it. He finished an epic Volume Bikes’ “The Finer Things” DVD ender section only a couple months ago, and already is back at it destroying streets. He just nailed the new RIDEbmx cover with a long-coveted LBC gap shot by Jeff Z for this issue’s Broc Raiford interview….That’s not all either; DeMarcus Paul, who’s been killing it lately, has an interview in this very same issue. Hit up RIDEbmx for the contents details and when you can expect your issue to arrive in your mailbox.

  • 10 Jun
900x600 collage

We’ve been going hard in the paint on Instagram for while (@180dist) and just want to remind everyone that if you put your Shop Instagram username in the notes on each order, then we’ll make sure to post and tag you on a post. And if you Instagram photo of an order you just got in, then make sure you tag us so we can like and re-post it. We appreciate everyone of you guys who support us here at Volume, Demolition, & Resist so we want to give you guys as much exposure and shout out as we can. Above is a fraction of posts we’ve made or been tagged in. Yes, the American flag is just a photo of our warehouse, but it’s a badass one and we couldn’t resist throwing it in there. Again, Thank you guys and keep on posting!