• 04 Dec

Demolition once again comes through for you with some new long sleeve and short sleeve tees.  The all new Jason Watts Fast and Loose and Kevin Peraza Heat Wave tees are now in stock.  Hit the shop to swoop em up for your customers now!  Read more »

  • 04 Dec

Volume bikes’ old school 4pc bar design deserves an all in good humor ad ripoff from a copy of our copy bar from the early 2000’s. The Mad Dog bar was originally made as a spoof of the Castillo bar that was still kept in production. The Mad Dog bar went away for a bit with the death of 4pc bars but brought it back a few years ago. We could go on and on about our special butted tubing, space age heat treatment process but won’t bore you with the details. It’s strong as hell, looks good, been around for years and has a damn good back story.

  • 05 Sep

The all new Foundation Freecoaster OEM wheel is here and is the perfect fit for those looking for a low price (MSRP: $174.99) freecoaster wheel.  Double-wall VLM hoop that has a welded seam and the hub has machined hub shell, straight chromoly 14mm axle, and KHE style clutch internals with full sealed bearings. Check out more info HERE>>

  • 30 Apr

You heard that right, our spring shipment has landed with the following goodies: New colors on the Vessel, Voyager and bringing out the all new Boyd Hilder Venture frame and fork.  You might also see we’re coming out with a new OEM parts line too, Foundation that will be wheels, cranks, posts and much more later on.  Check out the site for everything more in detail.

  • 01 Feb

Kings Ride Shop in Palm Desert, CA has been “reviewing” a bunch of BMX products lately. In particular, they’ve covered some Volume products including the Voyager frame above, VLM grips, and Broc Raiford Anchor forks. The grips and forks you can find by clicking “more.” Kings has been around for almost 14 years and James has seen it all, so you can bet these are full of smartass-ery good information.

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