180 DISTRIBUTION Service Info
2658 Pacific Park Dr
Whittier, CA 90601

Phone: (626)-673-3474
Email: [email protected]

Q. After calling your warranty department, I was asked to send my product back to 180 DISTRIBUTION. How should I send it? And where should I send it to?

A. We accept shipments from UPS, Fed-Ex, and the US Postal Service. Please include your name, home phone number and return address (no P.O. boxes please) with all warranty shipments to 180 Distribution (Attn.: Warranty Dept,). If you’re in our area you can make an appointment with our warranty department Monday-Friday 8-4pm. We ask that ALL warranty inquires to fill out our warranty card for our records.
Q. I sent in my warranty to you guys and it’s taking a long time to hear a response, what’s up?

A. Shipping normally takes up to 5-7 workdays to receive the product (normal ground shipping). Once we get the item, we’ll call you to confirm that we received it and what the outcome will be. Thereafter, it will take another 5-7 workdays to ship the item back to you.