• 19 Jun

Very rarely do we get out as a team to leave the office to ridebut we decided Friday that we had enough and decided last minute to head to the Inland Empire to get our shred on.  Josh Clemens (shipper), Keith Treanor (sales manager), Kevin Rust (sales and int sales), Sean Sieling (sales) and Brian Castillo (head janitor) all got their ride on in the desert while the jumps and ramp were still intact.  Hit the photos to see how we did…  Read more »

  • 05 Apr

Our long awaited FOB 1 has arrived with all the new Volume Demolition goods.  Shooting this photo felt like I was a 10 year old unwrapping presents Christmas morning all over again.  Contact your 180 rep to “get that feeling” back too…
Click image to go BIG!

  • 16 Mar

That’s right, Keith “The Mad Man” Treanor is now a part of the crew here in the 180 Distribution office.  Keith will be heading up our sales dept and taking on a lot of duties in-between.  As we all know, anyone in bmx does a lot of things and you’ll be seeing Keith repping Volume/ Demolition at all the jams/ contests and coming out to your shop for a visit very soon.  Feel free to give Keith a shout out at keith@180dist.com or at 877.488.1369 ext 112.  You can also check out our lil bit of history on Keith on his 180 Dist page here>>

  • 20 Feb

What? A cassette wheel? Even with the freecoaster revolution, cassettes still hold a strong foundation. We just got our Rogue cassette rear wheels back in stock in both LHD and RHD 9t drivers. The Rogue rear hub is a lightweight and reliable cassette hub with solid engagement laced to our strong and decade’s running double wall Zero rim. All in a low-weight affordable rear wheel.

  • 17 Feb

After a busy holiday season, we’ve got the Demolition Kris Fox “Fox Forks” back in stock. Top of the line fork with all the newest features available; 26mm offset, tough 6mm investment cast dropouts, tapered blade style legs, built-in race, full chromoly heat-treated, and brazed on Axes logos. Designed to keep you going fast and going high.