Chief “Daddy, I wanna go fast” Officer (CDIWGFO?)

Brian is a Southern California native. He has spent the last 30+ years riding BMX, and Parks Elementary school. He knows BMX inside and out. He’s been a sponsored pro from some of the biggest BMX brands out there, was voted one of the top innovative riders ever in RIDEbmx Magazine, and has designed countless parts and bicycles for multiple BMX brands through the years most of which being through his brainchild Volume Bikes. Brian has always been an excellent rider who had a lot of input on the design and development of the BMX parts he was riding. Chances are you’ve ridden a part designed by him. Brian rides BMX pretty much every day the sun shines, enjoys fast cars, fast motorcycles, photography, and spending time with his family at Disneyland. Brian is a true jack of all trades. Photo by Mark Losey, 1999, Volume Bikes’ First Advertisement.

Instagram: @briancastillo