If it’s fit for a King…

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Kings Ride Shop in Palm Desert, CA has been “reviewing” a bunch of BMX products lately. In particular, they’ve covered some Volume products including the Voyager frame above, VLM grips, and Broc Raiford Anchor forks. The grips and forks you can find by clicking “more.” Kings has been around for almost 14 years and James… Read more »

Grippin to Rippin in 6 Ways

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Demolition just dropped the first of a new round of How-To videos being worked on to get a bike dialed. The first: Grips. There’s probably an endless amount of methods to get a new set of grips onto a bike, and here the guys go through their 6 preferred methods. Check it out. Grips used… Read more »

Volume 2 Video Is Now Live

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Exactly one year since the release of “Volume 1” Volume Bikes proudly presents “VOLUME 2”, featuring full sections from the likes of Drew Hosselton, Eric Bahlman, Brady Tweedy, and Boyd Hilder. If this isn’t an early Christmas present, I don’t know what is. Hope you guys like it as much as we do. Enjoy!

Broc Raiford’s Volume Fleet

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Volume Bikes just released X Games Bronze Medalist & Van’s BMX Street Invitational Gold Medalist Broc Raiford‘s promo highlighting all of his signature parts and tee. He goes into some of the changes and new looks of each item, then proceeds to delight your eyes with signature Broc riding. Everyone of his new items are… Read more »

All About The Fox Forks

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Demolition Parts just dropped Kris Fox’s signature “Fox Fork” along with a solid interview with Kris on the process, and his Fox Fork promo video. The Fox Fork is unlike any fork Demolition has ever made with the investment cast dropouts, and  Kris had a big hand in the whole process. Check out the Fox… Read more »

Volume 1 Trailer & Interview

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If you’re on any social media platform, then I’m sure you’ve heard rumblings about Volume 1. Volume 1 is the newest project from Volume Bikes that got started right after “The Finer Things” premiered. It’s a really refreshing series filmer Mike Mastroni cooked up to keep things fresh and pressure-free on the riders in this… Read more »

J. Clem & E. Bahl: The Finer Things

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Volume just dropped the Josh Clemens and Eric Bahlman split section from “The Finer Things” DVD full of smooth backwards and forwards technical wizardry. These guys produced a great progressive and stylish section. Hit play.

Daniel T-Nez: The Finer Things

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Volume‘s succession of dropping “The Finer Things” DVD continues. Next up is Daniel “Lil D” Martinez. Daniel is highly under-rated, and ridiculous technical. Hit play…Then watch his section from Demolition‘s “Last Chance.” Also, really good.

Tate Roskelley: The Finer Things

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No one can deny that the creative juices are flowing fully over at Volume. More proof of that as they just dropped Tate Roskelley‘s section from “The Finer Things” DVD in their succession of putting the whole video online. Hit play!

The Finer Things – Green Mountain Cyclery

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This Friday at Green Mountain Cyclery in Pennsylvania, they’re holding a screening of Volume Bikes‘ highly acclaimed “The Finer Things” DVD. It starts at 8pm, and there will be plenty of prizes and promo. We’re still so stoked on this video, so go check it out if you haven’t, or even if you have. Hit… Read more »