• 06 Aug

That’s right, Volume just released an all new color for the signature Jason Enns Cerberus frame.  Very limited edition “pool shark splatter” (gloss black base with small yellow and cyan splatters) Cerberus frame with only 30 made.  First come first serve…
Jason’s career has been through the ups and downs of the bmx industry and has held steady of staying on one team (16 years on Volume!) throughout his career, and he’s had 5 pro model frames with us with the Destroyer, Death Wish, Ends, Destroyer Reissue and now the Cerberus.  He’s seen every trend, fad, pro riders, bad riders, fame, fortune, and then some with his extensive career.  Jason’s riding has evolved into pool riding recently and has already been doing things that haven’t been done before in gnarly pools that some dare to drop into.  Check out his latest interview up at volumebikes.com to read his thoughts on trends, his frame, stories and more.